Kherson de Mason, Dnieper river floodplains and Stanislav canyon at sunset

PRICE: 1490 UAH / person
ROUTE: Odessa-Kherson with a river walk along the Dnieper river and a tour with Masonic stories of the city– Odessa
DURATION: 6:00-23:00

Departure from Odessa railway station

Excursion Kherson de Mason.

Masons are a secret world community of religious and political nature. The word "Mason" means "Builder, Bricklayer". The movement emerged in the 18th century as a closed organization. Masons do not hide their existence. The secret is how much they influence political processes in the world community.

During the tour you will hear amazing things about Kherson, about the legendary personalities who influenced its creation and development. About the first entrepreneurs and brilliant ideas born on these lands.
What do you think connects Louis Vuitton and the Kherson region? Interested? Then, join our tour!

Walk along the Dnieper river with a glass of wine

The Dnieper floodplains are vast expanses of floodplain, countless Islands periodically flooded with water, profusely cut by a complex intricate system of numerous lakes, channels, ditches, dominated by meadow, and often swamp vegetation, which is interspersed with specific, usually rare-coniferous forests. Here there are more than 300 species of only higher plants!
The floodplain of the Dnieper river crosses the territory of the Kherson region from North-East to South-West in a wide, 10-20-kilometer strip, dividing its Right-Bank and Left-Bank parts. 
A boat ride with a stop in the Dnieper river will give you an unforgettable experience.

Transfer to the Stanislavsky Grand Canyon.

Stanislavsky canyon is also often called the Kherson mountains. They are located along the village of Stanislav of Belozersky district in the Kherson region, on the banks of the Dnieper-Bug estuary. The mountains are part of the Stanislavsky landscape reserve. Their height is 40 meters, from the top you can enjoy a stunning view of the water surface of the estuary and the steppe. Vertical slopes overhang small beaches, ragged banks, ravines, gorges that you can take to go down to the beaches – all these are great subjects for paintings and photos.
And at sunset, the clay slopes are full of sand, yellow, orange shades.
The tour will have free time for a small walk and atmospheric photos.

Arrival to Odessa

The tour price includes:

  • transport services along the route;
  • insurance;
  • excursion Kherson de Mason.
  • a feast of French cuisine;
  • boat trip on the Dnieper river with wine;

Paid additionally:

  • personal expenses.

We recommend taking the following with you:
comfortable shoes, hats, sunglasses, water, snacks on the road, swimsuits upon your decision.

The company is not responsible for weather conditions and traffic on the roads.

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