Bessarabian snails, Izmail and wine

PRICE: 1490 UAH for 1 person
Route: Odessa - snail farm with tasting-Izmail, Vinaria wine cellar with tasting and Bessarabian lunch-Odessa
Duration: 07: 00-20: 00

Gathering of the tour participants, and boarding the bus.
Departure from Odessa.
On the way, we admire the scenery of the Odessa region. A sanitary stop is planned on the way.

Arrival at the snail farm. Excursion with tasting.
SnailFarm grows and sells the most popular in Europe snail species, called Helix aspersa Muller.
 We will visit rooms for breeding and laying eggs; outdoor "plantations" with snails; a refrigerator room where snails can stay in suspended animation for up to 8 months.
Snail meat is considered a real delicacy due to its tender structure and refined taste. In addition, snails can boast an incredibly rich chemical composition, including many substances useful for human body. Snail meat consists of protein, water, and a small amount of fat. The chemical composition of a snail includes almost all B vitamins, as well as K vitamin, PP vitamin, E vitamin and retinol. The snails are almost record holders in its content.
At the farm there'll be:
tour of the workshops
tasting snails with different sauces
-wine tasting

Transfer to the glorious city of Ismail-the capital of Bessarabia.

We're starting a short sightseeing tour of Ismail.
Izmail is the largest port on the Danube river that belongs to Ukraine. Cruise ships call it, and many popular sightseeing routes along the Danube river and European countries start and end. Izmail has a deep historical past, and every year the influx of tourists who want to learn the history of the city's origin and formation increases.

We continue our stay in Izmail with a visit to the real wine cellar Vinaria.
VINARIA wine cellar is located in the old part of the city, in one of the historical underground passages that connected the shopping center with the Izmail fortress. The foundation dates back to the mid-19th century. Historical brickwork is successfully harmonized with modern author's forging, furniture and details of vintage decor. The vaulted ceiling and ancient arches give the cellar a unique atmosphere in which our guests feel very comfortable. Good locations for photos will leave pleasant memories of the cellar and Bessarabia in general for a long time.
The tasting includes:
2 types of white dry wine;
1 rose;
3 types of red wines;
50 g of local cheese (sheep's cheese, cow's cheese, soft goat's cheese)
50 g. of kavarma.
bread with wine yeast / toast made from yeast-free bread.
After the tasting, guests can enjoy a Bessarabian-style lunch with local specialties.

Well-fed and satisfied, we start off to Odessa.
Estimated time of arrival is 20:00.

The tour price includes:

  • transport services along the route;
  • tasting and drinks at the snail farm;
  • guide in Izmail;
  • wine tasting and lunch at Vinaria.

Paid additionally:

  • personal expenses.

We recommend taking the following with you:

  • comfortable shoes;
  • hats, sunglasses, sunscreens;
  • water;

The company is not responsible for weather conditions and traffic on the roads.

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