A visit to wine makers and astronomers!

ROUTE: Odessa-Belyaevka (winery of Maryana and Natalia Shevchenko) - Lighthouses (observation station of the astronomical observatory) - Odessa
DURATION: 15:00-21:00

Departure from Odessa.

Wine tasting at the private winery of Mariana and Natalia Shevchenko, (1.5 hours).

We offer you to enjoy quality wines at the family winery of Mariana and Natalia Shevchenko. This is a landmark place for Ukrainian winemaking. it was here in 2016, during a working trip, that former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed a long-awaited law for small and medium-sized winemakers to cancel a half-million-dollar wholesale license for wine producers using domestic grapes. 
Compliance with technology, the use of modern equipment, careful selection of grapes, as well as love to winemaking make the wine of Mariana and Natalia to be of high-quality and memorable. This fact is confirmed by the results of various competitions of winemakers, where wines take prizes and distinctive awards. For example, at the competition called Odessa Bay, held in August 2020, the wine named Odessa black of 2019 received the first prize and made it to the top ten wines of the whole competition.
At the tasting you will try: 7 types of wines with light accompaniment (cracker, cheese, nuts).

Excursion to the observation station of Odessa Astronomical Observatory in the village of Mayaki (2 hours)
The more a person knows, the stronger they are. Wrote Maxim Gorky.
We offer you to add some knowledge in the field of astronomy. We will go to the observation station of Odessa Astronomical Observatory, which is located in the village of Mayaki, founded in 1957.
Currently, Odessa astronomical Observatory, a division of Odessa National University, is the world's leading organization for the study of the chemical and dynamic evolution of stars and Galaxy.

The tour program includes:

a visit to the radio telescope URAN-4;
visit to the AMT – 800 telescope (mirror diameter 800 mm);
visit to the AZT – 3 telescope (mirror diameter 480 mm);
visit to the RK-400 telescope (mirror diameter 400 mm);
the tour of the starry sky;
viewing objects visible in the sky with a telescope.

We are going to Odessa. Estimated time of arrival is 21: 00.

The tour price includes:

  • transport services along the route;
  • guided tour with tasting at the winery
  • tour of the observation station

Paid additionally:

  • personal expenses

We recommend taking the following with you:

  • comfortable shoes;
  • water;
  • in the cold season - warm clothes, a tour of the observation station takes place outside.

ATTENTION! In case of bad weather, the tour to the observation station may be canceled!
The duration of the tour depends on weather conditions, road surface and traffic on the roads.
The time can be adjusted while maintaining all the positions declared in the tour.

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